Cro Metrics

Finding identity for a team dedicated to iteration and experimentation.


Cro Metrics initially reached out to us for a simple logo redesign, but through our brand discovery we identified other solutions for their company name and branding strategy. Together we produced a more comprehensive toolbox of marketing materials that sets them apart from other conversion rate optimization agencies.


Brand & Naming

Cro Metrics uses a scientific process of iteration to quickly cycle through solutions that will enhance their client’s performance on the web. We wanted to capture that sentiment with the logomark that we dub the gauge. We wanted viewers to walk away with the sense of speed, measurement, and iteration. With the addition of motion, the logomark strengthens the concept of the scientific method and rapid experimentation.

The first thing we proposed was changing the spelling of “CROmetrics” to “Cro Metrics”, reflecting the true pronunciation (krō). Discarding the acronym helps them communicate their company identity to prospective clients.

We designed responsive versions of the logo to work at a variety of scales including mobile devices and environmental signage. The hatch marks of the logo are situated at different degrees depending on its usage.


Marketing & Language

Once we solidified their visual branding, it was time to put those graphics to action in their marketing materials. Cro needed a customized presentation template as well as environmental graphics for their events and trade conferences.

Good Bones designed and animated a short promotional video that outlines Cro Metric’s services, select clients, and other metrics.