Genovese Medical

Making genetics based addiction treatment more personable.

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Dr. Michael Genovese has been at the forefront of addiction treatment by utilizing an individual’s genetics as a tool to personalize care. Until recently, serious addiction to drugs and alcohol was treated through a trial and error process taking months or years. Genovese Medical eliminates the guesswork in recovery medicine, bringing relief more efficiently to those suffering from these conditions.


Brand and Logo Design

Our task for Genovese Medical was to craft a brand that communicated personalized care and genetic based treatment. We approached this challenge in our brand discovery with the well-known phrase in therapy “The Road to Recovery” and discussed how Genovese’s philosophy affected that path. Using genetics, you can cut down the length of the recovery process by offering unique, personal care. For us the clearest symbol that represented that shortcut was a bridge.

The logomark uses the visuals of a nucleic acid sequence and double helix as a bridge to communicate the genetics process behind Genovese's practice. We developed a set of brand icons that borrowed from the same graphic language of the logo.