H&A Security

Branding an online platform for the next generation of cyber guardians

icon-webWeb Design

H&A is a leading firm in cyber defense and education, whose CEO is one of 14 Cyber Guardians in the world. They approached us to design a brand that communicated their definitive authority in the security field and a site that serves as a resource hub for future and inspiring cyber security experts.


Brand and Logo Design

A bright spot in our brand discovery with H&A was the value they place on the cyber security community. Their emphasis on open source resources and education was like the proverbial passing of the torch. We designed a logo mark that serves as a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment, while nodding to their client facing security services.

This secondary logo was designed to resemble an institutional crest for instances where H&A would be emphasizing their educational and training services.


Web & Development

We identified that their site needed to be two things: a client facing overview of their services and a hub for their expanding educational content. To solve this, we pitched  “The Academy” – a library of articles, videos, and open source code curated by H&A.


Language & Collateral

During our brand exploration we developed taglines that H&A could utilize to better discuss their services to potential clients. We then designed presentation decks, apparel, and other collateral to be used during conferences and other training engagements.



Many of the services that H&A provides are often abstract and intangible concepts. We designed a comprehensive collection of icons to help non security experts navigate their primary offerings.