Design a brand and application that delivers trusted support for aging parents.

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The Juniper team approached Good Bones with a problem: it is too difficult to hire and manage services for loved ones when you can't be there. Whether it be ride sharing, house cleaning, or just a hot meal, Juniper let's your entire family search, book, and manage these services with an intuitive interface that even the most technically challenged can navigate.


Branding and Logo Design

Our time with the Juniper team was spent getting to know their stories. It was important for them that we understand the challenge of caring for loved ones and observe the sensitivity that the subject deserves.

Much of our branding exerices was based on landing a 'tone' that communicated both empathy to users as well as innovation to investors. In addition to crafting a logo mark, we spent a great amount of time researching photography, color palates, typography, legibility, and copy writing.

The visual identity pairs mechanical graphics with natural elements that nods to both the art and the science of coffee roasting. In addition, we helped Gabriel with copywriting including the tagline “Humanity in Coffee” that has become the rallying cry for Maquina’s marketing strategy.