Máquina Coffee

Stand out packaging and branding for a seasoned coffee roaster


With more than 16 years working in specialty coffee, Gabriel Boscana came to us with a dream to start Maquina Coffee and roast only the highest quality beans. With a focus on human production and hand crafted roasting – it was important for us to design a brand that reflected his values and product quality.


Branding and Logo Design

The greatest challenge with branding Maquina was working with the company name (translated “machine” in spanish) to communicate the human aspect of coffee. Gabriel is involved with every step of the roasting process and we wanted to use the logo as an opportunity to demonstrate how his hand is the machine behind every drop.

Coffee brands, not unlike sports teams, have fiercely loyal fan bases. It was important for us to design a logo that was unique and “cool” enough for customers to want to have it on everything.

The visual identity pairs mechanical graphics with natural elements that nods to both the art and the science of coffee roasting. In addition, we helped Gabriel with copywriting including the tagline “Humanity in Coffee” that has become the rallying cry for Maquina’s marketing strategy.


Packaging & Labeling

Packaging is the keystone of every great coffee brand. We wanted to ensure that Maquina’s coffee bag had stand out sophistication and appeal with a primary focus on logo placement and label configuration. Maquina’s brand and packaging won PRINT’s 2018 Northeast Regional Award.

Unlike many other coffee roasters, Gabriel personally travels to his producers and never offers the same variety twice. That is why it was so important to design a highly flexible labeling system for both the packaging and the web.



To highlight Maquina’s debut coffees we illustrated scenes from the origin country featuring the native producers handling coffee at various stages of the production process. We later translated these illustrations into postcards to promote his subscription services.


Apparel & Collateral

To reinforce brand awareness and customer loyalty, we continue to work with Maquina to develop a variety of apparel, patches, stickers, and coffee mugs.