Origin Almond

Beverage rebrand for shelf presence and healthy consumers

Featured Image Origin Almond Bottles

Origin Almond approached us to refresh their brand to appeal to a more health-conscious consumer while making their packaging as bright and tasty as their product.


Logo Redesign

We began with redesigning their logo by crafting a custom wordmark to read more legibly from afar. We subtly added both an almond and a drip to associate their logo to the primary qualities of their product for maximum brand association.

From the wordmark we created an additional logo that combines both almond and drip icons to form an infinity symbol, playing off their name, Origin Almond.


Label & Packaging

Origin Almond’s packaging was getting lost on the shelf set against bolder and more cohesive brands. We designed solid color labels with a unique almond shape that forms a wave of color on the shelf. The label shape also serves as a way to cover the natural separation of the beverage.

We replaced the clear caps with yellow ones to brighten the packaging, solidify brand presence, and represent the citrus flavor in all of the products.


Icons & Color Palette

The wide range of natural ingredients in Origin Almond’s products could be confusing to consumers looking to identify the primary flavor. We illustrated an icon system and associated color palate that helps consumers decide which flavor they’d like to buy.