We are a values driven studio.

We are a full-service branding studio based out of Philadelphia Pa. We work with clients from all over the world to build their brands and elevate their products.

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Caleb Heisey Brand & Design Caleb Heisey is an award winning print and interactive designer, holding an MFA from Tyler School of Art. Caleb has worked with several notable design teams including Bluecadet, Headcase Design, Heads of State, and Pixar Animation Studios. He specializes in full-service branding, illustration, and responsive web design. He teaches Advanced Design and Senior Branding at Temple University.
Gustavo Melendez Product & Development Gustavo Melendez is an experienced technologist and holds a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering. He has architected complex solutions across many industries and platforms, including Salesforce and Web stacks. As Principal Architect he leverages his knowledge of the latest technology and his experience in product development to create solutions that have a meaningful impact on his clients and their users.

Our Process

1. Discovery We want to get to know you and your business.

We will have several strategic conversations to identify your goals, your current positioning, and the ins and outs of your daily business. In the end of this phase we will deliver a document that outlines our summary and strategy moving forward.

2. Concepts We produce high fidelity, fully contextualized branding concepts.

Seeing is believing – that’s why every Good Bones concept includes a vectorized logo, lock up variations, color palate, type design, and graphic mock ups for you to compare and consider.

3. Refinement We strive for branding perfection.

Once you’ve selected a concept to move forward with, we work with you to refine every aspect of the concept over the course of rounds of feedback and revisions. At the end of his phase you’ll have a Branding Guidelines Document and a Brand Asset Library.

4. Applications Your brand needs to be experienced by your consumers.

We will begin building out your brand materials to include the 'things' you need for your business to grow. Whether you require a new website, marketing collateral, or product development, we can identify, design and deliver many holistic brand solutions.

Studio Values We work with clients who make the world a better, healthier, & more inclusive place.

Design is a powerful tool for communication and persuasion. Our studio is dedicated to using design to promote great ideas and wholesome products. We build brands that are authentic that never attempt embellish or disguise a company’s values. We pledge to use best practices in our web and product applications that promote healthy interactions and avoid dark patterns that confuse and trap users in frustrating dead end experiences. We believe that marketing should be ethical, truthful, and transparent - and that companies always benefit from honest marketing.

Awards & Features Our work hasn't gone unnoticed and neither will yours.

Print Regional Annual / theDieline.com / GrainEdit / DesignWorkLife / Buzzfeed / Lovely Package / FastCoDesign / Gizmodo / NPR / Designboom / Designspiration / Webby Awards / Communication Arts / HOW International Design Awards / Lurzer’s Archive / NOVUM Magazine / 3×3 Magazine / Graphis / Creative Quarterly

Our Clients We've worked with clients across many industries & all sizes.

Penguin:Random House / Genovese Medical / Cro Metrics / Springshot / NYU / Relay/ MADO / Headcase / LaborFirst / Tony Boloneys / Tony’s Farm Table / Seatox / SQ 1 Coffee / Hawk & Mesa / H&A Security / Arcadia Honey / Maquina Coffee / Snowdrift / Cities for Financial Empowerment:BankOn / Juniper / MakerOS / Origin Almond / Kinder & Kradle / Top Crop / Seaport Museum / CSIRO / HolySnack! / Esther Perel / RP3 / Antrhoposophe